Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sims 3 The Wards (part 61)

 Miles arrives home from the sports arena with unexpected news…
His manager has told him about an opportunity to relocate and further expand his career.
The only problem is, he’s not sure how Sephora and Zawadi will react.
Starlight Shores is the name of the city and it’s located a long way from Barnacle Bay. 
Suddenly, Miles smiles.  Moving to Starlight Shores is a sure way to get Zawadi away from Mitchell.
Feeling a lot better about telling Sephora and Zawadi about the possible move, Miles turns in for the night.
Zawadi is in her own bed, unaware that things will soon be changing drastically for her.
All she can think about is Mitchell; his smile…his eyes…the feel of his lips on hers.
Zawadi daydreams her way through the rest of her morning routine.
By breakfast, she is so lost in her thoughts that she almost forgets that she has to be at school in a few minutes.
She chews her toast mindlessly; her mouth unable to taste anything but the memory of her first kiss with Mitchell.
She lets out one last airy sigh before realizing that the sound that she’s hearing repeatedly is the sound of the school bus horn honking outside.
“Oh no!  I’m going to be late for Mitchell,” she says rushing off to school.
Sephora rises soon after Zawadi leaves.  Staring into the mirror, thinking about how much Zawadi has grown, suddenly makes her feel old.  
Sephora is overdue for a make-over.  If she is going to be the matured mother of a teenager, it’s time for her to look the part.
Miles wakes up with the inevitable move in mind.  Today is the day that he will tell Sephora.  They will decide together just when and how to tell Zawadi.
Sephora hops on her bike and heads toward the new beauty salon that recently opened in town. 
As she pedals closer to the salon, her instincts tell her that more than her style is about to change.  She just can’t put her finger on what it might be.
Sephora steps up to the salon unsure of what style she’s looking for. Maybe a drastic short cut, she says to herself.
The salon is empty.  Sephora’s not sure if the stylist has just stepped out for a moment or what.
This is just enough to give Sephora second thoughts about getting a new hair cut.  What if I don’t like it?  What if it takes a long time to grow back?  She asks herself.
She sits down and decides to wait for the stylist; proud at herself for being brave.
Back at home, Miles spends some bonding time with their dog Dazzle. 
“I shouldn’t worry, should I?  Sephora and Zawadi will adjust to the idea of moving, won’t they?”  Miles asks the small dog as if he could really give him an answer.  Dazzles responds by roughly grabbing onto the rope that Miles is holding.
Back at the salon, the stylist returns; informing Sephora that she’ll be the next customer.
The stylist finishes with the client ahead of Sephora and calls her up.
Sephora decides on a short curly afro, a new outfit and some makeup.
Afterward she’s not sure she likes any of it, especially the clown-like blush, and is definitely not sure what Miles will think of it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To My Family Moments Readers...

Thank you all for checking the site from time to time, although I'm not updating regularly.  I've received emails from a few of you, asking when I'll be updating particular families on this blog.  Please know that I always try to accommodate your requests, but lately, I've been having a very hard time getting back into these stories.  I'm not saying that I never will...I'm just having a hard time right now.  I think I've just been away from them a little too long or I just have too many other projects that I'm working on.

Speaking of other projects, I do have two on-going families that I update quite often on my Sims 3 Tumblr page.  There I've been regularly posting for the next generation of Athena Sparks' family as well as my new Tumblr exclusive Maxwell family (3rd Generation).  You can check them out here:

I am also back to updating my story exclusive blog,  There I am in the process of starting the 2nd part of my very first story on the blog, Metallic Heart.  While part 1 focused on Ardis Bot's attempt to unite the humans and bots of Lunar Lakes... Metallic Heart II follows the life of Ardis' adopted human daughter, Leah. 

Not a fan of Sci-Fi or more into supernatural stories, then check out Moonlight Visions.  Like medieval stories, then there's my Tales of the Middle Ages story.  Whatever you decide to do, just know that I appreciate you for checking out my blog and I hope you find something that you like on one of my other least until I get back to updating my Family Moments stories.  Thanks again!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sims 3: The Deans (part 45)

Note: I try to keep my Sim stories as family friendly as possible (since my 11-year-old likes to read them), but this one contains some nudity and mild adult situations (no worse than some PG13 rated movies). I just wanted to be sure to put that out there! Thanks for reading, enjoy!
Tatiana wakes that same morning with Tania once again on her mind.  She reflects on the conversation she had earlier with Antwain and feels better knowing that Tania has such a great husband.
She just prays that her granddaughter doesn’t do anything to mess things up within their marriage.
 Antwain wakes up soon after Tatiana and takes a shower.
 Tania enters the bathroom just as he finishes up and gets dressed for the day.  “Done so soon?”  She asks seductively.

“Yeah, why?  What’s up?”  Antwain asks completely clueless.
“I was hoping to join you,” Tania answers.

“Oh…well maybe I missed a spot.  I don’t think I washed behind my ears,” Antwain says finally getting the point.
 Tania leans in and whispers in Antwain’s ear, “And while we’re at it…maybe we can give this baby making thing a try one more time…just in case!”
 Happy that Tania has really gotten excited about trying for a baby, Antwain can’t help but kiss her.
“I like this new sexy tone,” Antwain compliments.
Antwain turns and heads back toward the shower. 
Tania is right behind him.

Tatitana cannot hear Antwain and Tania’s sexy whispering upstairs, but can feel that the energy within the house is lighter.  She hopes that it means that things are taking a turn for the better.
Her suspicions are confirmed when Antwain and Tania enter the kitchen barely able to hide the smiles on their faces.
“Looks like you two are getting along,” Tatiana says.
Antwain and Tania giggle like guilty teenagers.

“Good…that makes an old woman happy!  Now I can die in peace.”
“Stop it gran…you know you’ll live forever!”  Tania responds.

“Yeah…maybe,” Tatiana says before putting another forkful of waffles into her mouth.
Tatiana leaves the kitchen while Antwain and Tania whisper and giggle quietly among themselv
“So what do you want to do today?”  Antwain asks.
“I have an idea,” Tania says before getting up from the table, “follow me.”  She calls; walking out the back door.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sims 3: The Deans (part 44)

 Antwain and Tania arrive home. Tania still hasn’t responded to Antwain’s last statement.  “So are you going to respond or not?”

“A baby?  Are we ready for that?”
 “Is anyone ever ready?”  Antwain asks.

“I guess not.”  Tania thinks a moment, before finally giving Antwain an answer.  “Yeah…let’s have a baby.”
 Antwain expresses his happiness with a kiss.
 “What kind of a mother will I be?”  Tania asks.
 “I think you’ll make an incredible mom.”

“It’s just so scary…you know, the thought of being responsible for another life,”  Tania admits.
 “Yeah…there will be hard times and we’ll make a lot of mistakes…but we have each other and we’ll be able to balance it all out with some incredible moments too.”
 “You’re right…” Tania begins, “so what are we waiting for?  We have a baby to make!”
 Tania and Antwain begin the baby making process…
“Our child will be so lucky to have you as a father,” Tania whispers as the two of them begin to drift off to sleep.
 Tania wakes early in the morning, inspired by the great time that she and Antwain had last night.
 She begins a painting of a beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress.
She decides to call it, “The Beauty Within Me,”  because it represents the beauty that she hopes will soon be growing inside of her in the form of their first child.